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Open Doors

Counselling / Lifecoaching / Support

Tel: 07849342389


"Choose a job you love and you`ll never have to work a day in your life"

- Confucius 

What is Staff Support and Supervision?

Staff support and supervision is a way of supporting staff involved in frontline work with clients. 

It acknowledges the stress and challenge of working with a range of behaviours and emotions. 

It provides a safe place for staff to discuss their work and its effects in complete confidence. 

It gives an opportunity to unload and encourages reflective practice as a way of learning and developing. 

Supervision encourages, supports and develops reflective practice. In format it is like counselling and consists of one or more one hour sessions. 

Can I only discuss work?

The focus will be work-based, but can encompass other issues. 

Work can affect other parts of our lives and other parts of our lives can affect our work. Stress, anxiety and general health problems may be the result of issues inside and/or outside of the workplace, and are likely to be detrimental to our work life and to our private life. 

If something is causing you anxiety, stress, concern or ill-health it is likely to be impacting on your work, and it would be reasonable to discuss such issues 

What if I need more support? 

This is something the support and supervision service would help you explore. It is a safe place to consider whether you need support via counselling, health services, human resources or a practical advisory service. 

How Confidential is it? 

It is highly confidential. Everything discussed will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed unless the supervisor believes that somebody is in significant danger of harm. 

Reports to employers will not be provided, unless discussed with the supervisor and member of staff prior to commencement of the meetings. They would be a separate service from supervision which remains confidential. Reports would only be written with supervisee’s input and approval. Such reports would be available to supervisees as well as to employers.

How will your organisation benefit ? 

Supervision enables and supports workers to build effective professional relationships, develop good practice, and exercise both professional judgement and discretion in decision-making. For supervision to be effective it needs to combine a performance management approach with a dynamic, empowering and enabling supervisory relationship. Supervision should improve the quality of practice, support the development of integrated working and ensure continuing professional development. Supervision will contribute to the development of a learning culture by promoting an approach that develops the confidence and competence of managers and workers in their working life. It is therefore at the core of individual and group continuing professional development. Supervision can also ensure that the right worker is in the correct role at the present time. As employees personal lives change so too can their aptitude for certain roles. Effective supervision can help identify that maximum output may be achievable in alternate company roles. 

"When people go to work they shouldn`t have to leave their hearts at home"

- Betty Bender

Email: Open Doors     Tel: 07849342389